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Strata Cleaning Services in Liverpool, Guildford, Granville, Fairfield West

Top-Notch Strata Cleaning Services in Liverpool, Guildford, Granville, Fairfield West

Do you want to clean up and maintain your strata property? Are you on the lookout for highly experienced strata cleaning experts? Don’t look further than VVIP Cleaning Australia. Whether you are looking for a dedicated and daily cleaning service or you want to get your building cleaned weekly, fortnightly, monthly or at any other frequency, we will develop a cleaning and maintenance plan that matches the requirements of your strata property. Our strata cleaning experts are highly experienced and have rich expertise in providing comprehensive and highly effective strata cleaning services.

We are fully equipped with modern machinery, high-end equipment and the latest tools for all your strata cleaning needs. Our fully trained cleaners strive to deliver the highest standards of service and workmanship, every time. We will not only make your property look clean and spotless but also attractive, pleasant and beautiful. No matter how complex the project is; we will provide you with the highest professional standard of cleaning services by using advanced cleaning process and specialised cleaning products.

Our strata cleaning services include and are not limited to:

• Vacuuming of common areas and floors.
• Scrubbing/washing hard floors.
• Dusting of electrical sockets, light switches, surfaces, countertops and skirting boards.
• High pressure cleaning.
• Removal of cobwebs from buildings and other common areas.
• Cleaning of elevators.
• Cleaning of garbage rooms.
• Window or glass cleaning.
• Fire stair cleaning.
• Sweeping of steps and walk ways.
• Vacuuming and wiping of furniture.
• Spot cleaning of ceilings and walls.
• Car park cleaning.

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