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Simple mopping is not enough to keep your timber floor clean and polished. You need the right detergents, equipment and endless experience to complete the task without any damage. VVIP Cleaning Australia offers the finest timber floor cleaning services in SydneyAustralia to leave your floor smooth and shine. You will be amazed with the result.

Deep timber floor cleaning in Sydney, Australia

Our home or office floors are regularly contaminated with spills and dust, which accumulates and contributes heavily to general grime build up. The onset of hard and stubborn stains is linked to varieties of pollutants too. The hard soils slowly pervade through the grout and makes the floor lose its lustre. Additionally, abrasive floorings are difficult to clean as dust and grime particles get stuck in the tiniest grooves or in the grouting. And although you regularly mop the floor, without the appropriate treatment, it will slowly lose its appeal. Continuous scrubbing will just make things worse.

Through regular mopping and vacuuming you can easily maintain the hygiene of the interiors. However, in order to restore the professional appearance and to extend the lifespan of your hard-flat surfaces, you need professional timber floor cleaning solutions. As proper cleaning requires industry-powered equipment and regular floor maintenance.


Our floor cleaning solution are available to a wide range of floor types and covers cleaning and restoration solutions for the best results. We incorporate different methods, depending on the type of flooring and the condition that it is in. We are highly experienced in professionally cleaning all types of flooring including hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, stone floorings and a wide variety of tiled floors.

Therefore, the best ways to go here is to book a professional timber floor cleaning service. Equipped with the advanced tools, solutions and high-experiences our professional timber floor cleaning experts will deliver the perfect finish and make your floor shine brighter as the diamond. Contact us and get a FREE quote.


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