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LN-2000B-I Fully Enclosed Four-wheel Sweeper


LN-2000B-I Fully Enclosed Four-wheel Sweeper

LN-2000B-I Fully Enclosed Four-wheel Sweeper


LN-2000B-I four-wheel sweeper adopts a closed cab, which is suitable for use in cold
and harsh environment. Compared with the three-wheel steering system, the
four-wheel power steering system has a larger steering range and more convenient
and flexible operation.


1. Four-wheel power steering system is adopted, which makes operation more
convenient and flexible.
2. Using 48V battery as power, which has energy saving and environmental
protection, long continuous use time.
3. It has humanized design concept, the front wheel of the front cab is added with
damping function to effectively protect the electronic components and improve the
operation comfort.
4. The advanced double-layer high-power filtering system is adopted, the filtering
area is twice that of ordinary products, the dust storage capacity is larger, and the
dust collection capacity is stronger.
5. The fully enclosed cab is adopted to avoid the influence of bad weather, noise and
other conditions on the cleaning work.At the same time, put the drive system on top
to increase the volume of the garbage can.
6. Both sides of the door can be opened and closed independently, the rear
windshield can be opened, which make the ventilation effect is excellent.
7. The control system adopts imported controller, which is powerful and durable,
and has strong climbing force. It is more than 2 times of the ordinary domestic
products, reaching the positive standard of ≤ 35%.

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