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LN-1400 Semi Enclosed Sweeper


LN-1400 Semi Enclosed Sweeper

LN-1400 Semi Enclosed Sweeper


LN-1400 intelligent series sweeper suits flat ground and well-conditioned areas. It is
widely used in industrial and mining, enterprises, warehouses, schools, villas, etc. It
has a significant effect on beautifying the environment and improving the corporate


1.LN-1400 Sweeper has low energy consumption,small size,beautiful appearance and
easy operation,remarkable sweeping effect.
2.Vacuum dust collection system and drizzling function makes no fugitive dust.
3.The feature of our batteries are position-free and leakage-free, maintenance free,
long service life, low self-discharge, safe and reliable.
4.Wheeled trash can is easier to clean up.
5.The Sweeper is suitable for night working with LED headlights.
6.High elastic tires make the Sweeper can easily pass through deceleration zone and
the other obstacles.
7.It can be operated conveniently and reliably whit car wheel, shift handle,parking

Cleaning efficiency m²/h 8100
Max grade ability % 35
Main brush length mm 700
Battery voltage V 48
Battery kind Lead-acid battery
Continue working time h 43927
Dustbin capacity L 180
Water tank capacity L 120
Side brush diameter mm 450
Driving motor power w 1200
Motor power:
main brush + fan + side
brush + vibrating dust
w 700+400+80*2+50*2
Turning radius mm 1000
Max working speed km/h 6
Max driving speed km/h 8
Filtering area 6
Dimension(L*W*H) mm 1700*1300*1900
N.W KG 500

Use Manual: