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4 Retail Shop Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Customers Returning

It can very difficult to keep the store clean during the holiday season. Here are 5 amazing tips to keep a retail shop or shopping centre clean easily and prevent the spread of germs during the busy period!

As the holiday season is fast approaching, herds of customers will be visiting your retail store or shopping complex on a constant basis. As a result, there is greater chances of dirt, dust and germs spreading all across the space, leaving your customers and employees at risks of infection.

However, a shop should not be kept clean just for the sake of cleanliness, it also benefits your bottom line. As more than 66% of the shoppers claims that they will reduce their shopping time to avoid poor hygiene.

Here are four retail store and shopping centre cleaning tips ways to keep the space hygienic during the periods of high floor-traffics.

Pay attention to the high-traffic areas

Some of the places that are going receive the most footfalls include display cabinets, cash registers, storefronts and changing rooms. All of these areas are going to need the most attention. Bacteria and diseases are transferred via touch, so it is important to keep the health of your employees and customers at check. The windows, benches and registers should be wiped down properly using disinfectant products that are harmless, eco-friendly and less toxic.

You can also add areas such as the changing rooms, store entry ways of popular departments for thorough inspection and cleaning to improve the overall cleanliness of the store. Having the rubbishes quickly picked up once a day, mopping up the messes built and tidy up the entire room to improve the overall customer experience can help protect the people from potentially injuring themselves.

Provide sanitisation units to keep the staffs and customers healthy

Although retail shop cleaning up is crucial, it is essential to prevent the spread of germs to begin with. A quick and simple way to initiate is by putting sanitiser throughout your store for both the employees and customers.

This process is important for two reasons. Firstly, it sends a, message that you care for your customers and staffs. Secondly, it helps to motivate a more hygienic working environment that is less likely to infect the staffs and make them absent.


Toilet should be inspected on a regular basis

20% of the customers say that they will leave the store or a shopping centre half way through their visit if they face an unclean toilet. So, you simply cannot neglect this area of the store, specifically during the busier periods. The toilets will continuously become messy, dirty and unpleasant for the customers and if not inspected and cleaned thoroughly.

To avoid such issue, organise a roster for inspections throughout the day. If done on a regular basis, you will find that the toilets are kept clean more effectively. More importantly, during your retail shop cleaning periods, use signs to alert the customers that cleaning is in progress to avoid any sort of on-site accidents from slip and fall.

Air purifiers For fresh and healthy indoor air quality

When crowds of people are visiting your store, the overall air is bound to get heated up and smell bad. Although bad odours do not bear any health risks but it can create an unpleasant atmosphere for both the customers and employees. They may have a bad perception towards the shop and the staying time may drastically reduce. Ensure to use air purifiers at the entrance to improve the air quality and smell.

This holiday season, make the most out f the cleaning tips and stop the spread of germs and allergens by implementing these cleaning tips effectively. Make your retail or shopping centre more hygienic. Your customers and employees deserve a healthy and hygienic environment to shop and work.